Jamaica 2017 / 2018

Dear Jamaica,
We miss you already.
Nuff thanks and respect to Josef Held (Uncle Sepp) and Christina at Asa’s B&B at Spring Garden Villa, Jamaica. We are so blessed with experiences we had together on tour and all moments we are able to live together.
Blessed love for caring for us all the time. Thanks to Sophie who brought us the food on the table each day and cooked all the delicious meals for us and all people there.
Big ups and shout outs to the linkies we were able to meet on Jamaica during our stay and our tours: Pasquale BigBelly DeTullio and Tami, Stefan and Sophie, Sven (nice and easy 😉 😀 ), Nico, Ignaz and Nicole and Emma,
Fabi and Tamara, Alex, Markus, Nicky.
Big thanks to the lovely Lorna at Ivanhoe’s Guest House in Port Antonio who took care of us and put us the food on our table.
Shout outs and nuff respect to all Drapers crew and the linkies dem at Cool Jelly Bar Teezer, Shotta, Juvenile, Rory, Leroy and Killer. Thank you for showing us the secret beach and sharing the food with us.
Thank you for the New Year’s Eve we had with you in Port Antonio and all the good time we enjoyed in Drapers.
Big ups to Daniela, Bo, Chrissy and Cecile in the Drapersan GuestHouse. Thank you for taking care of us and putting the food on our table.

Jamaica, we want to thank you! We enjoyed our stay.
Blessed love outta Mannheim / Germany

Lilly and Paul


Jamaica 2017 2018

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